Latin in the Homeschooling Community Survey: Update 1

Latin for Homeschoolers survey results are promisingWe are up to 257 responses to the survey, which was posted less than 72 hours ago.  I am really hoping that we can make 300 before it closes this evening!

I am floored by the amount of interest that the survey has generated.  It seems to have struck a chord with many in both the homeschooling and the professional Latin teaching community.  These groups appear very interested in communicating with the other.

While I am waiting for the survey to close before I start crunching the numbers and analyzing the data, here are some of the answers to the perennial "why Latin" question:

  • Besides being a springboard to learning other languages, learning Latin helps make students better thinkers.
  • Both my husband and I found that Latin really helped our spelling, vocabulary understanding, and science when we were young. We started hoping that it would do the same for our kids.
  • Convergence Vocabulary Thinking Skills
  • As a classical language it teaches the student grammar, gives instruction in logical thought and is a good mental workout. Also for a connection to ancient cultures and to be able to read some literature in Latin.
  • At first I included it because the program I was following recommended it. Now, I include it for its value in promoting language skills and logical thinking.

Even though I have been working with homeschoolers for over a decade, I never cease to be amazed at the amount of dedication, passion, and commitment demonstrated by the homeschooling parents.  They strive every day to give the best of themselves and the world to their children.

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