Latin in the Homeschooling Community Survey: Update 2 We Did It!

Reward for Meeting Latin in the Homeschooling Community Survey GoalThank you for participating in the survey!  Initially, I was hoping to get 100 responses, but answers poured in from far and wide, so I ended up with 306.  Quite an impressive number.  I had no idea that everyone would be so open and willing to share their thoughts. The preliminary data has already helped me to rethink some of my own assumptions about Latin and homeschooling, even though I've been working with homeschoolers for over a decade!

Those of you familiar with Latin for Homeschoolers and Elite Tutors Online, Inc. know that I've been a one-woman shop for a decade, and I'm just now expanding to add other tutors to the team. So how do you thank 300 people who live really far away in any meaningful way when you're a small company without a budget? (My kids are happy with lollipops or ice cream cones, but I didn't really think that would fly here.)  Then the answer hit me: SPONSORS!!!

Since the participants are homeschoolers who are interested in Latin, I've contacted all of the major publishing houses that market Latin to homeschool families to see if we can you group discounts for meeting the 300-response goal. I wasn't sure if I could get anyone to agree, that's why the details were kind of sketchy at first.

Here are the results so far:
I can get us a 40% discount on Bolchazy-Carducci items. Unfortunately, Bolchazy's website isn't set up to handle discount codes. I've spent the better part of today getting an online ordering system in place at Latin for Homeschoolers so that you can use the discount.
Use coupon code acl2011 at checkout to receive the 40% discount. This discount expires on June 30, 2011 (Note: ancillary materials for Latin for New Millennium are eligible, but LNM textbooks themselves are not, so they aren't on the list.)

Memoria Press: still working on it
Classical Academic Press: still working on it
Veritas: declined to participate

I will keep you updated when I hear back from the other publishers.

I didn't ask for contact information on the survey, so I don't have any way of knowing who completed it. Thus, these discounts will be available to anyone with the discount code, not just those who participated.

I apologize if this is a little less organized than it should be. The ACL community is really excited to see results, and this will probably be an annual event, so I promise that it will be smoother in the future.

Thank you all again. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!