Which Latin Book Should My Student Use?

Online Latin Tutors at Latin for Homeschoolers Support Many Latin Books

Homeschooling parents often ask for advice in selecting a Latin program for their students.  As every student and homeschool is truly unique, there is no stock answer regarding the 'best' program.  Here are many issues to consider when selecting a Latin program.

  1. Does the homeschooling parent have a thorough Latin background?  Some programs require extensive knowledge of Latin; others provide extensive text-based or DVD guidance for the non-Latinist parent.
  2. What are your goals for studying Latin?  Some people want their students to read Latin from day one, others are more interested in honing memorization skills.  While the two goals are are not necessarily exclusive, the disctinction between the two is important when selecting a Latin program.
  3. How old is your student?  Some programs start as early as first grade!
  4. How much time can your student devote to Latin each day?  Students who progress the most usually study Latin five days a week.
  5. Would your student prefer an interactive computer program or a text-based curriculum?  Some students who are reluctant to study Latin are more excited when technology is involved.

As this picture of my Latin bookshelf above indicates, our online Latin tutors are able to support you, no matter which textbook you are using.  Below is a partial list of books our clients have used in the past.

Artes Latinae Latin Alive Lingua Latina (Traupman)
Cambridge Latin Course Latin for Children Lingua Latina (Oerberg)
Ecce Romani Latin for Reading Minimus
First Form Latin Latin for the New Millennium New First Steps in Latin
Henle Latin Latin Prep Oxford Latin Course
Introduction to Latin Latin Primer Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin
Jenney's Latin Latina Christiana Wheelock